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Murat YAZICIGİL – Budget Reporting and Risk Management Specialist

mmmAs “Budget Reporting and Risk Management Specialist”, I’m responsible under the direction of Budget Reporting and Risk Management Coordinator to coordinate and consolidate budget studies on behalf of Akfen’s Board of Administrators to manage the local and foreign activities of the companies which are created under Akfen Holding as per the plan and to evaluate the resources in the best way. Managing reporting activities and to comment on the results together with the General manager of the relating company, to report to the CFO and to the Executive Board.

To sum up a business month, we’re monitoring budget studies and evaluating deviations from budgeted amount of Akfen Holding and its subsidiaries and also make ready presentations to report the CFO and to the Executive Board. Furthermore, audited financials of Akfen Groups companies are reviewed and also we prepare some works for financials analyst who ask for getting more information to Investor Relations. Moreover, we’re also preparing dashboards to evaluate monthly cash flows and making analyze for deviations from budgeted amount and also finalize audited financials reports of “Akfensu” which is subsidiaries of Akfen.

I have graduated from Bilkent University,Faculty of Business Administration with merit scholarship in 2007 and then worked as “Auditor” at Deloitte for 4 years. After July 2011, I have started to work at Akfen Holding. Here, both the experience I have gained from my colleagues and my work’s contribution to the development of the holding has increased by motivation and my commitment. Additionally, working close with the upper management, having the chance to see how their business approach, their decision making criteria is a unique opportunity for my career. Hence, I believe that I am very lucky, for having the chance to work for a company that grows together with its employees.