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Serpil DARDAĞAN – Internal Audit Manager

serpilI work as an Internal Audit Manager at Akfen Holding. All of our activities are planned annually and conducted before the Audit Committee. I carry out the auditing of the subsidiary companies or shareholdings that are within the scope of Akfen, along with my co-workers. Alongside the audit activities that are planned in the Annual Audit Programme, we also carry out the unforeseen and unplanned audit activities according to the instructions of the Board of Directors or the Audit Committee. We conduct the Internal Audit Activities within the frame of International Audit Standards. Among the most important rules of working in the Internal Auditing Unit is to have a good knowledge of regulations and evaluating the precedent cases analytically.

Audit Activities depend entirely on teamwork. Therefore, a compatible teamwork and our co-workers’ ability to upgrade their professional standards behold vital importance. While auditing, primarily, the risks and their degree of impact are detected. We use the audit techniques that are present in the standards to detect these risks. In order to resolve the risks that are detected as findings within the corporation, we do not only do a due diligence but also find alternative solutions to the risks by sharing the alternative action plans with the relevant process directors.

I have to say that I have gained many different experiences, as Akfen beholds a variety of sectors in its structure and I have been in all of their audit activities. Every sector has its own risks. Therefore, we detect the risks by applying different audit techniques. The acquisitions and the added-value I have gained have a huge impact on me. Moreover, seeing that the risks which were stated in the Audit Reports we have published so far are minimized by the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee increases our motivation and makes us feel as a part of Akfen.

I feel lucky to be able to use my professional experience and parallel to that, to seize the opportunity to improve myself by putting this added value that I have gained in Akfen, upon this experience.