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Group Companies

Akfen HoldingShare (%)
Mersin International Port Co.
Akfen Renewable Energy Co.
TAV Investment Holding Co. ( TAV Construction)
İstanbul Deniz Otobüsleri A.Ş.
Akfen Real Estate Investments Partnership Co.
Akfen Thermal Energy Investments Co.
Akfen Environment and Water Investment, Construction, Operation Co.
Acacia Mining Co.
Akfen Altyapı DanışmanlıkShare (%)
Akfen Construction Co.
IBS Insurance and Reas. Brokerarge Co.
Travelex Currency Trade Co.
Akınısı Machinery Co.
Akfen Tourism Investment Co.
Akfen Merter Real Estate Co.
Akfen Construction and Project Development Co.
Tepe Akfen Reformer