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Abidin Oğuz ŞİMŞEK – Finance Coordinator

Mr Şimşek, who is graduated from the Business Department (in English) of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Gazi University of Ankara in 2007, started his career (business life) as an assistant specialist at the Finance Department of Akfen Holding A.Ş. in 2007. Following the duty as a Specialist at the Internal Audit Department of Akfen Holding A.Ş. in the years of 2008-2010 and Deputy General Manager at the Finance Department of Akfen Holding A.Ş., he served as Finance Manager at Akfen Altyapı A.Ş. during the years of 2016-2017 and Akfen Yenilenebilir Enerji A.Ş. between 2012-2016. Mr. Şimşek, who served as the Finance Coordinator of Akfen Holding A.Ş. as of October 2017, played an active role within the processes such as company mergers and take over procedures, public offerings and bond offerings and business development at Renewable Energy sector, internal audit and reporting, project finance and refinance of the affiliates and subsidiaries of Akfen Holding.