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Supporting The Universities

Abdullah Gül University Support Foundation

Since 2011, Akfen Holding has contributed to the Abdullah Gül University Support Foundation, committed to help Abdullah Gül University to attain its stated vision in a short span of time, and there by relieve the public sector of its heavy burden in the field of education. The Foundation not only supports and rewards bright students, but also meets the economic, social and cultural needs of the academic and administrative personnel. Furthermore, the Holding strives to support the university’s physical and technological infrastructure so as to enhance its education, research and application capabilities.

London School of Economics

The establishment of the Turkish Studies chairs at leading universities around the world is an essential element of Turkey’s promotional activities abroad. Such professorial chairs are important not only for the promotion of Turkish history and culture, but also for providing a platform to express Turkey’s point of view and opinions on current events outside of the country. In this context, a chair for Contemporary Turkish Studies was established at the London School of Economics, one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world, thanks to the efforts of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Akfen holds a permanent membership on the Advisory Board, a function fulfilled by Pelin Akın. Akfen is pleased to support such an important project geared toward promoting Turkey.