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Social Responsibilty

Turkish-English Tatlıdil Forum
Turkish-English Tatlıdil Forum was founded in 2011 in an effort to enlarge political and economic relations between Turkey and the UK in other areas, primarily business and trade. The Turkish branch of Sweet Talk Forum is run by Pelin Akın, member of DEİK (Foreign Economic Relations Board) English Business Council and member of the Board of Directors of Akfen Holding. Topics ranging from constitution, energy, health and regional issues were discussed at the fourth annual Tatlıdil Forum held in Istanbul between November 28 and 30, 2014. More than 120 senior representatives from both countries in business, politics, academy, media and arts joined the forum. Also present were Turkey’s 11th President Abdullah Gül, Prince Andrew of the British Royal Family; Jack Straw, former Foreign Secretary of the UK and Ömer Çelik, Minister of Culture and Tourism. 12th President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave a speech at the gala dinner organized under the scope of the event on November 30, 2014.


Inter-corporate Mentorship Program for More Women in Boards of Directors
As part of our corporate culture, we as Akfen Holding believe in the importance of every task and the value of each employee. We support the social roles of our women employees particularly with activities addressed to them, while offering them professional support as career opportunities. Furthermore, Hamdi Akın, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Akfen Holding, serves as mentor at the ‘Inter- corporate Mentorship Program for More Women in Boards of Directors’ launched in partnership with Praesta Türkiye and Forbes Türkiye, thereby offering leadership for women managers in their preparation towards their duties in boards of directors.

A Friend of AKUT (Search and Rescue Association)
Through donations under the scope of its AKUT Friendship Program, Akfen Holding became a close friend to AKUT, the first and leading local search and rescue group voluntarily helping out people facing disasters not only in Turkey but also abroad, wherever it can and solely by its own means; organizing operations saving 1,428 lives in 1,055 incidents of earthquakes, floods, landfalls and in the mountains, seas, route accidents, naturals disasters since its foundation.

Foreign Economic Relations Board
Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK) is in charge of carrying out foreign economic relations of the Turkish private sector, primarily in foreign trade, international investments, services, contracting and logistics. The board also engages in looking into national and international investment opportunities, contributing to raising exports by turkey and coordinating similar business development activities. Founded in 1986, DEİK acquired a new and consolidated status following Law No. 6552 adopted on September 11, 2014, thereby completely taking over the responsibility “to carry out the foreign economic relations of the Turkish private sector.” As of November 2014, DEİK has 99 founding organizations, 120 business councils, nearly 900 member companies, with approximately 2,000 representatives by member companies within the board.

In 2014, senior managers of Akfen Holding continued their representation of Turkey in various work groups of DEİK. Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Akfen Holding Selim Akın served in the Turkish-Russian Business Council; Pelin Akın, Member of the Board of Directors of Akfen
Holding served in the Turkish-Spanish Business Council and the Turkish-English Business Council while Mustafa Sani Şener, Member of the Board of Directors of TAV Airports and Chairman of the Executive Board, served as Chairman of the Turkish-French Business Council of DEİK.

Middle East
Selim Akın, Akfen Holding Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Akfen Holding continued to serve in the Steering Committee of the Turkish-Iraq Business Council within Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK).

Far East
Süha Güçsav, Akfen Holding CEO, is Chairman of the DEİK Turkish-Singapore Business Council. As of October 2014, was additionally named Turkish Honorary Business Representative of International Enterprise Singapore (IESingapore), an agency of the Singapore Ministry of Industry and Commerce.


Non-Governmental Organizations We Are Affiliated With
• Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD)
• The Center for Public Policy and Democracy Studies (PODEM)
• Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations  (TİSK)
• DenizTemiz Association (TURMEPA)
• Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD)
• Young Businessmen Association of Turkey (TÜGİAD)
• Family Business Association of Turkey (TAİDER)
• Turkish Tourism Investors Association (TYD)
• Turkish Businesswomen Association (TİKAD)
• Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation  (TURKONFED)
• Young Presidents Organization (YPO)
• B20 Turkey Executive Committee – Infrastructure and Investment Committee
• World Economic Forum (WEF) – Global Shapers
• Member of the Governing Board of the Association of Listed Companies’ Executives  (KOTEDER)
• Turkish Investor Relations Association (TÜYİD)
• Corporate Communication Professionals Association (KİD)
• Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Trust Association (GYODER)
• People Management Association of Turkey (PERYÖN)