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Code of Ethics


Akfen Holding defines the Code of Ethics as the principles and rules that all managers and employees have to comply with, in order to increase the financial wealth of shareholders and elevate the Company’s value. These guidelines are meant to ensure that Akfen Holding managers and employees conduct themselves in line with elevated standards, are aware of the corporate effects of their actions and attitude, choose the most accurate methods in Company operations and dealings with shareholders, and display the most sophisticated behavior. The Code of Ethics is published via Akfen’s Corporate Intranet, internal publications and explained in programs intended for employees. The Board of Directors, managers and employees are all expected to comply with Akfen Holding’s Code of Ethics specified below.

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Akfen Holding Code of Ethics

Within this context, Akfen Holding is the first Holding in Turkey to undersign the Global Principals Agreement, which is a volunteer approach supporting sustainable development and good institutional citizenship applications.

Please click here for detail information on Global Principles Agreement.