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Over the last 20 years Akfen Construction has completed a total of USD 2.06 billion of construction projects

Address: Turan Güneş Bulvarı Galip Erdem Caddesi 606. Sokak No:1 Çankaya 06550 Ankara / Turkey
Tel: +90 312 408 10 00

In addition to ongoing hotel and hydroelectric power plant construction projects, Akfen Construction reinforced its role as an active player in the sector in 2014 through the City Hospital tender it is awarded and the Hacettepe student dormitory/guest house project that is under construction.

Being the longest-established company that is owned by Akfen Holding with a share of 98.85%, Akfen Construction was established in 1977 with a view to delivering feasibility and engineering services for industrial facilities and has since expanded its service range. The company has so far completed projects worth US$ 2.06 billion in various sectors such as airport terminals and related infrastructure construction, natural gas pipelines/distribution systems, hospitals, schools, industrial power plants, hydroelectric and thermal power plants, water distribution, sewerage and waste water treatment. Completed in 2014, Sekiyaka II HEPP 1, Doruk HEPP and Doğancay HEPP and Esenboğa Ibis Hotel started operations. The total contract value of ongoing projects by Akfen Construction in 2014, namely 2 hydroelectric power plants, 1 hotel project, İncek Loft housing project, Isparta City Hospital and Hacettepe Student Dormitory project, is EUR 391.3 million and the company’s backlog is EUR 346.7 million. Akfen Construction has already provided the funding required for all of the said projects.

Based on Akfen Holding’s board decision dated 13 July 2015, within the Company’s growth strategy, our 99.85% stake in Akfen Construction would be transferred to our related party Akfen Altyapı Danışmanlık A.Ş. for a considerationof US$58,911,500. The conditions of the closing were met and the above mentioned share transfer transaction was completed as of 30 October 2015.



Completed Projects

Akfen Construction Some Completed Projects