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Completed Projects

Airport Constructions Completed Projects

Ankara Esenboğa Airport Domestic and International Terminal Construction Ankara 13.10.2006
Eriklet Airport Parallel Taxi Way Restoration Project Kayseri 18.06.2001
Chisinau Airport Modernization Project Chisinau – Moldova 01.06.2000
İstanbul Ataturk Airport International Terminal Construction İstanbul 03.01.2000
İstanbul Ataturk Airport C Terminal and Multistorey Car Park Construction İstanbul 16.11.1997
İstanbul Ataturk Airport Car Park Extension Project İstanbul 16.11.1997
Samsun Çarşamba Airport Construction Samsun 07.06.1999
İstanbul Atatürk Airport Charter Terminal Construction İstanbul 31.10.1995
Isparta Airport Construction Isparta 14.06.1996
Antalya Airport Apron and Miscellaneous Works Construction Antalya 30.09.1991
Antalya Airport Escalators Construction and Installation Antalya 30.06.1989
Antalya Airport Terminal Buildings Restoration and Additional Aks Constrcution Antalya 20.06.1990

Superstructure Constructions Completed Projects

Çamlıca HEPP Construction Kayseri 23.12.2012
Yağmur HEPP Construction Trabzon 27.11.2012
Saraçbendi HEPP Construction Sivas 15.07.2012
Demirciler HEPP Construction Denizli 03.07.2012
Karasu 5 HEPP Construction Erzincan 28.06.2012
Karasu 4.3 HEPP Construction Erzincan 28.06.2012
Karasu 4.2 HEPP Construction Erzincan 28.06.2012
Karasu 2 HEPP Construction Erzurum 25.04.2012
Karasu 1 HEPP Construction Erzurum 25.04.2012
Adana Ibis Hotel Construction Adana 25.04.2012
Otluca HEPP Construction Mersin 10.12.2011
Bursa Ibis Hotel Construction Bursa 01.11.2011
Gaziantep Novotel and Ibis Hotel Construction Gaziantep 06.11.2009
Sırma HEPP Construction Aydın 23.05.2009
Trabzon Novotel Construction Trabzon 27.08.2008
Kayseri Novotel and Ibis Hotel Construction Kayseri 01.09.2007
Eskişehir Ibis Hotel Construction Eskişehir 01.04.2007
Zeytinburnu Novotel and Ibis Hotel Construction İstanbul 23.02.2007
Physical Education and Sports University Construction Muğla 09.08.2006
Cyprus 5 star Otel Construction TRNC 31.12.2006
Allied Coalition Forces H-4 Glory Military Camp Catering Building Construction Mosul Iraq 12.06.2005
Allied Coalition Forces Bagdat Air Force Camp DFAC Buildings Construction Baghdad – Iraq 08.04.2004
Allied Coalition Forces H-3 Q-West Military Base Camp Laundry Building Construction Mosul Iraq 15.11.2004
Expo 2000 Office Building Construction Sofia, Bulgaria 15.11.2004
Sanovel Pharmaceutical Factory Construction Silivri İstanbul 19.11.2003
Düzce Office Buildings Reconstruction Works Düzce 06.06.2003
Sanovel Pharmaceutical Factory Construction Silivri İstanbul 26.09.2002
Ted Ankara College Campus Construction Ankara 22.08.2003
Vakıflar Bank EBIM Buildings Reconstruction and Decoration Ankara 19.06.2001
Earthquake Public Buildings Construction İzmit 29.08.2001
Earthquake Residential Buildings (580 apartment) Adana 30.09.1999
P.39 School Construction Şırnak 31.08.1999
P.80 School Construction Şırnak 01.08.1999
Muğla University Library, IT and Oditorym Buildings Construction Muğla 31.12.2006
50 beds Suşehri State Hospital Construction Suşehri-Sivas 15.02.1998
Gümüşova-Gerede Tollroad Service Building Construction Gerede-Bolu 11.11.1996
200 Beds Fethiye State Hospital Fethiye Muğla 08.01.2003
Oran City Residential Construction Ankara 21.06.1997
Mavişehir 2. Phase Residential Construction (445 apartments) İzmir 09.08.1997
Operation Building and Lodging Construction Çeşme-İzmir 04.12.1992
Oran Shopping Mall and Residentail Construction Ankara 05.09.1993
2. Army Battilion 4th section Pavilion Construction Kahramanmaraş 29.12.1989
Education and Recreational Facilities Construction Davutlar Kuşadası 05.06.1988

Environmental and Infrastructure Construction Completed Projects

Establishment of Erdemir Drinking Water Units (No 11 & 12) Ereğli 31.05.2006
Construction of Natural Gas Distribution and Domestic Water Distribution Networks Denizli 30.06.2004
Sewage and Rainwater Drainage Works, Contract No: Burkan 6 Bursa 22.09.2006
Construction of Natural Gas Distribution Line İzmir 31.12.2003
Construction of 30” Pipelines between Gulf and Izmit Refinery İzmit – Kocaeli 11.05.2004
Infrastructure Construction Works for Aliaga Organised Industrial Zone Aliağa İzmir 09.08.2006
Water Treatment Unit for Petkim Aliağa Petrochemical Plant İzmir 09.06.2004
Renewal of 72” Salt Water Pipeline (No:2) Ereğli Zonguldak 21.11.2000
Construction of Phase 2 Infrastructure Works for Mugla University Muğla 31.12.2003
Construction of Waste Water Treatment Plant and Supply & Installation of Mechanical Equipment Manisa 30.11.2001
5.8/10 kV Cable Renewal, between Tedas-Refinery Aliağa-İzmir 24.12.1997
Environment Rehabilitation (Wastewater Treatment and Sewage) Project Bafra-Samsun 03.12.1999
Construction of a Regulator for Gaziosmanpasa District İstanbul 25.11.1997
Construction of Natural Gas Distribution Line for Ankara Organized Industrial Zone Ankara 27.11.1996
Infrastructure Construction Works for Halkalı, Stage II, Zone B8 İstanbul 29.08.1994
Construction of Intercity Natural Gas Distribution Line Bursa 02.05.1997
Construction of 139 Villas Foundation, Social Facilities and Pool Infrastructure Çeşme-İzmir 20.02.1993
Construction of Behiçbey Maintenance Workshop, Guest House and Hospital Gas Pipeline Network Ankara 10.08.1992
Installation of Natural Gas Heating System for Ankara Railway Station and Chemical Cleaning Ankara 17.01.1992
Construction of MOSB Expansion Area Infrastructure Manisa 01.11.1991
Construction of Biological and Chemical Treatment Plant with a capacity of 6500 m3/day Manisa 26.10.1994
Construciton of Ayvali Deresi Waste Water and Rainwater Sewage Ankara 30.09.1987
Construction of Cross Creek Collector for Batıkent Ankara Gendarmerie Housing Ankara 24.05.1987