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Renewable Energy

 With the structuring in the renewable energy portfolio HEPP, WPP, SPP groups and Electricity Wholesale were consolidated under “Akfen Renewable Energy“.

Address: Turan Güneş Bulvarı İlkbahar Mah. 606.sok No:1 Yıldız/Çankaya- Ankara Tel: +90 312 408 14 00

Renewable Energy Investments


In Akfen Renewable Energy Group’s portfolio there are currently 13 HEPPs with a total installed capacity of 228 MW, of which 213 MW is operational, 15.3 MW is under construction. Additionally, there are WPP projects that are under assessment / in pre-license application stage that have a total installed capacity of 1,361 MW and SPP projects (licensed and unlicensed) with a total of 146 MW installed capacity, of which 26.2 MW is operational. Also, construction preparations have started for the 242 MW WPP projects, which have been acquired in June 2017.

Recent Developments


The acquisition of 4 licensed WPP projects (3 in Canakkale and 1 in Denizli) with a total installed capacity of 242 MW, that are not operational, was completed on 13 June 2017.