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Tbilisi Airport

TAV Airports took an important step in realizing its vision of becoming an international actor in airport operations with the Tbilisi International Airport. TAV Airports is entitled to operate the Tbilisi International Airport until February 2027 and it is the first Project of the company abroad. Having been operated by TAV Airports since 2005, Tbilisi Airport has now reached a position to represent the strategic significance of the country following the completion of the new passenger terminal. Tbilisi Airport serves as the entry and exit points not only of the country but also of a capital with a population of 1.5 million people. The terminal equipped with advance technology and modern, functional facilities, now houses the most suitable passageway from the car park to the aircraft which has been designed for passengers and luggage. With its flexible architectural structure, the project was completed to allow future expansion works without interruption to routine operations. The airport also offers aircrafts a secure landing-take off and maneuver area with its expanded runway, new apron fields and taxi routes. Having received many international awards since its establishment, Tbilisi Airport was awarded the Best Airport of the Eastern Europe at “Skytrax World Airport Awards” held in 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. With its extensive experience and know-how in aviation, TAV Airports has uplifted the civil aviation industry in Georgia contributing to the economy through a wide range and integrated services it provides at Tbilisi Airport including operations inside and outside the terminal, ground handling services, operation services, duty-paid and duty-free stores and food & beverage.

Batumi Airport

Located in Batumi, the most important tourism center of Georgia with its captivating scenic beauty and five stars hotels, Batumi Airport has been operated by TAV Airports since its start of operations in 2007. Batumi Airport is a first in the region in terms of being used as a shared facility between Georgia and Turkey. This important collaboration had an exceeding impact on the region’s development and in strengthening the relations between the two countries. The airport provides a unique service to passengers by means of a new runway, taxi way, apron and terminal building as well as its high technology and practical design. The airport has a structure to allow any future expansions depending on the increase of potential passenger numbers. In 2010, the airport became more efficient in carrying out the operations to cope with the increasing number of passengers as a result of the BT investment made in order to update the check-in system.