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Istanbul Atatürk Airport

Istanbul, Turkey’s gate to the world, the city that never sleeps, is a test in terms of airport operations– with its population over 14 million, and millions of guests welcomed every year. The Atatürk Airport International Terminal, which was built according to the Build-Operate-Transfer model, was constructed in a record period of 22 months. Opened for services in January 2000, the terminal was expanded with an additional facility in 2004. TAV Airports was awarded operation of the Domestic Terminal in July 2005. With renovations undertaken in 2006, Domestic Terminal was modernized with new technological systems and it renewed with a process covering the façade. In February 2010, a new extension project carried out to enhance the comfort and service quality offered to the passengers at the International and Domestic Terminals and Car Park. In addition to the additional 26 aircraft parking area and taxi ways at Atatürk Airport put into service by DHMI on November 13th, 2014, TAV has started the expansion works of the international terminal for an additional investment of 75 million Euros. The international terminal building and open car park will be expanded by 27,000 square meters and 17,000 square meters, respectively as per the contract signed by and between DHMI and TAV in November 2014. Istanbul Atatürk Airport is not only the biggest airport of Turkey, but also welcomed with respect throughout Europe; with its architecture, speed of passenger flow and services. Atatürk Airport provided service to almost 57 million passengers and more than 422,000 flights in 2014.

Ankara Esenboğa Airport

TAV Airports carried its experience in airport operations over to Ankara Esenboğa Airport, the entrance gate to the capital city, in 2006. With its original design concept and a different perspective allowing the passengers easy access, Esenboğa has been a breath of fresh air for transportation to the capital. Equipped with state of the art technology and services at every step throughout the airport–from the moment passengers enter the parking garage until they board their planes, guests meet friendly staff ready to serve them at the highest standards. Uninterrupted service is maintained so that every flight is comfortable and fun, continuing at a dizzying pace all day, every day. Ankara Esenboğa Airport is a strategically important airport serving as the gates of protocol and diplomacy of our country. Aiming to become a hub in the Middle East and North Europe, the airport continues its progress in increasing the number of flights, particularly to international destinations. Keeping all public and private sector enterprises in the city posted about the developments in direct flights, TAV shares the rapid development of the airport with the locals. Arriving to Ankara from 37 locations of Anatolia, passengers can directly fly to 28 destinations in 14 countries from Esenboğa Airport. Ankara Esenboğa Airport provided service to almost 11 million passengers and 82,000 flights in 2014.

İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport

ADBadbadbThroughout the ages, Izmir has been one of the most important centers of entertainment and culture, and the International Terminal, which brought fresh life to Izmir’s tourism and trade, and has also carried its relationship with the world to a new level. TAV Airports undertook the operations of Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal – sitting on an area of 118,000 square meters – on September 13th, 2006 with an investment of 150 million Euros. TAV Airports has won the tender held by the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI) at the end of 2011 and got the operating rights of Domestic Terminal on January 2nd, 2012 until the end of 2032. As per the tender specifications, TAV Airports built the new domestic terminal with an investment of 266 million Euros and connected it to the international terminal. Izmir Adnan Menderes Airports is an important link in the select and high quality design chain of TAV Airports. There are flights to 74 destinations in 27 countries through 54 airlines at the international terminal and to 20 destinations with 7 airlines at the domestic terminal of Izmir. Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport welcomed almost 10.9 million passengers in 2014, with an increase of 7 per cent compared to the previous year.

Alanya Gazipaşa Airport

Continuing to pursue its goal of constant development, TAV Airports was awarded the Gazipaşa-Alanya Airport operation tender held in August 2007. The airport is leased to TAV Airports for a period of 25 years till May 2034. Gazipaşa Airport, construction of which was completed in 1999, had an annual passenger capacity of 500,000 and a terminal building of 2,144 sqm. The airport was tripled in size thanks to the investments of TAV Airports. Apron area of 15,000 square meters was increased to 22,000 square meters as per the expansion project. Gazipaşa-Alanya Airport has been providing service to its passengers with its new 6,400 square meter terminal building and the apron which was doubled in size since July 2014. Increasing its annual capacity to 1.5 million passengers as a result of the recent expansion works, the airport provided service to 726,000 passengers in 2014. It is aimed that Gazipaşa-Alanya Airport will contribute to development of the region in terms of tourism, agriculture, business, culture, promotional activities and decrease unemployment.

Milas-Bodrum Airport

Winning the tender regarding the operating rights of the Milas-Bodrum Airport, one of the most significant tourism destinations of Turkey, for 20 years, TAV Airports added Milas-Bodrum to its portfolio. Having undertaken the operation of Milas-Bodrum Airport’s domestic terminal in July 15, 2014, TAV Airports will take over the operation of the international terminal as from the last quarter of 2015. Milas-Bodrum Airport Domestic and International terminals are located on an area of 110,000 sqm. Being one of the most crowded airports of Aegean Region of Turkey, Milas-Bodrum Airport opened to international traffic in 1997. Located within the borders of Muğla province, the airport is located between Milas and Bodrum, two important cities of antique Caria region. Furthermore, it plays a very significant role in the transportation to tourism centers such as Didim, Kuşadası, Söke of Aydın province as well as Muğla. The airport is only 32 km away from Bodrum, 12 km away from Milas and 82 km away from Didim. In 2014, Domestic Terminal provided service to more than 2 million passengers and approximately 15,000 flights.