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The 29th Issue of Strategy Magazine is Out Now!

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The Light at the End of the Tunnel in the Economy?

The 29th issue of the Strategy magazine, prepared with the support of Akfen Holding, has been published quarterly.

During the pandemic period, the Strategy magazine, which has been made easily accessible to everyone as an entirely digital and free publication that can be easily downloaded to mobile devices, covers important topics in its new issue.

Under the slogan “Read Tomorrow Today,” the Strategy magazine, prepared in both English and Turkish, features the headline “Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel in the Economy?” addressing the discussions on the economy and solutions that have become a problem not only in Turkey but also worldwide.

In addition to economics, the new issue of the Strategy magazine also offers in-depth analysis and opinions on technological, social, and environmental issues. Important topics such as renewable energy, artificial intelligence, and the future of precious metals are addressed in this issue.

It is possible to access the new issue of the Strategy magazine for free through Akfen Holding’s official website or via the link: https://bit.ly/AkfenStrategy29

Highlighted News Topics in the New Issue:

Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel in the Economy?Expectations for the future of the global and Turkish economies, the effects of strict measures taken, and the consequences of a return to orthodox policies.

The Impact of Minimum Wage on Turkey’s Economy

The effects of the minimum wage on the economy and its reflections on inflation.

The Future of Precious Metals

The future position of gold and other precious metals and their role in the economy.

New Steps in Artificial Intelligence

Recent developments and innovations in artificial intelligence and Turkey’s position in this field.

Contributing Authors and Topic Headings:

Zeynep Aktaş
“Gold or Deposit?”

Saffet Emre Tonguç
“The Life Philosophy of Bali: Smiling is the Best Makeup”

Selva Demiralp
“What Awaits Us in 2024 with the Central Bank’s Monetary Policy?” – An evaluation on Turkey’s monetary policy and economic expectations.

Fatih Birol
“Turkey Can Play a Serious Role in Renewable Energy”

Mahfi Eğilmez
“The Impact of Minimum Wage Increase on Inflation”

Murat Akyol
“Elections Will Create Volatility”

Additionally in the New Issue:

The behind-the-scenes story of the high ratings received by Akfen Renewable Energy and Akfen REIT from the international climate change rating agency CDP and the success behind it.

Inspiring stories about companies and projects that positively change the world under the title “Companies Changing the World.”


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