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Turkey’s driving force Akfen Construction

Akfen Construction is Akfen Holding’s oldest subsidiary and one of the most important parts of the company.


Initially established to produce feasibility and engineering services for industrial enterprises, the company has since expanded its range of services to include manufacturing, installation and assembly work for industrial plants. Over a period of more than 35 years it has completed construction projects with a total value of above $3.5 billion.

Akfen’s construction experience makes important contributions to the group’s activities and has played an important role as a driving force in the constantly growing Turkish economy. Akfen Construction’s areas of activities include superstructure construction, airport terminals plus associated infrastructure construction, natural gas pipelines/distribution systems, hospitals, schools, industrial plants, energy projects in the hydroelectric/thermal sectors, water distribution, environmental protection, sewage systems and waste treatment facilities.

Akfen Construction has expanded its operations field lately, adding hospitals and student housing to its operating areas. Akfen Construction has gained notable experience in the construction of Public-Private-Patnership model hospitals very fast. Having successfully completed and delivered Isparta City Hospital in March 2017 within a short period of 12 months and 12 days, Akfen Construction completed Eskişehir City Hospital in October 2018. Meanwhile, Tekirdağ City has become operational in 2020. Currently, Akfen Construction has one operational student housing project in Hacettepe.

Creating a network of powerful relationships, Akfen is continuing on its path with partners who are experts in every field across the globe.

Akfen Construction provides design, engineering and construction services with a wide range of superstructure construction projects of public housing, luxury housing, hotels, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, libraries and military buildings.

Up until now, Akfen Construction has successfully completed many turn-key airport projects with terminal buildings, runways, taxi routes, aprons, multi-storey car parks and all other auxiliary buildings.

With its experience and expert staff, Akfen Construction is carrying out projects such as the installation and commissioning of treatment plants, drinking water, sewer and rainwater networks, steel and PE natural gas pipelines and energy transmission lines.

Akfen Construction has successfully completed industrial projects of various size and scope for Turkey’s leading industrial facilities, as well as completing individual projects consisting of pumping stations, heat plants and steel construction structures.


Sister of Mercy Hospital: The project involving the seismic strengthening and renovation of the buildings of the Sister of Mercy Hospital in the city of Zagreb, Croatia, covers an approximate construction area of 28,700 square meters.

Amasya State Hospital: Within the scope of the Amasya State Hospital construction project, a hospital with a capacity of  600 beds will be constructed, encompassing a total building area of 160.366 square meters.

Iskenderun State Hospital: Within the scope of the Iskenderun State Hospital construction project, a hospital with a capacity of 600 beds will be constructed, encompassing a total building area of 262,396.25 square meters.

Yalıkavak Loft: The project involves the development of 29 villas on a 22,197 square-meter plot in Yalıkavak, Bodrum, and is designed to encompass a total construction area of 14,780 square meters.

Terminal Kadıköy: The Söğütlüçeşme High-Speed Train Station Project, located in Kadıköy, encompasses the construction of a viaduct, terminal, commercial area, and parking facility within a 28,000 square meter area.

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