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The largest open pit copper mine of Turkey

Acacia Mining was founded in 2007. The company established partnership with İlbak Holding before 2011 and Akfen Group became a 30% shareholder of the company in 2016. Afterwards the company operated under the name Acacia Mining, as a part­nership of Akfen Holding, İlbak Holding and İzbir Mining Inc. Acacia Mining, is operating the Gökırmak copper mine project in Kastamonu province.

With a totally local capital investment, this partnership strengthens its infrastructure, without any restrictions, in order to be able to use the natural resources of our nation at maximum efficiency, and also continues to display its efforts at JORC standards, with a sustainable mining vision respecting ethical values.

Acacia Mining, one of major mining project in Turkey, began production in March 2019.

On July 22, 2022, Akfen Holding’s 4.5% share in Acacia was transferred to Bacacı Uluslararası Ticaret Yatırımları ve Yönetim A.Ş. Following the transfer of shares at the same rate by İlbak Madencilik, Bacacı became a 9% shareholder in Acacia Mining.

On March 2023, 40% shares of İzbir Maden was transferred to Akfen Holding and İlbak Holding in equal shares. Following the transfer of shares, Akfen Holding became a 45.5% shareholder in Acacia Mining.

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