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Akfen Environment and Water Investment, Construction, Operation Co. (Akfen Environment and Water) was founded in June 2005 to develop concession projects in the Turkish water industry.

Akfen Environment and Water’s primary mission is to recover the large economic losses in Turkey’s current water and infrastructure sector and to provide uninterrupted, reliable and healthy water and infrastructure services for the people. Akfen Environment and Water also aims to ensure the sustainability of this situation by developing new technologies and to gain strength in the global market with these technologies.

Setting its priorities water utilities and waste water projects, Akfen Environment and Water was established with the following objectives:

• The appropriate distribution of all kinds of drinking and potable water obtained from underground and aboveground sources and the research, design, construction, repair, maintenance and operation needed for all related systems and facilities.
• The collection of all kinds of household and industrial waste water, solid waste and rain water, diverting these wastes away from residential areas, the research, design, construction, repair, maintenance and operation of all related systems and facilities.

Akfen Environment and Water is a joint venture of Akfen Holding (50%) and Kardan N.V. (50%) Kardan N.V. is an international investment company based in the Netherlands. Kardan N.V develops and manages assets, mainly in real estate and water infrastructure sectors and is active in infrastructure, real estate and financial services sectors in promising emerging markets.

On January 5, 2023, Akfen Holding completed the purchase of 50% of the shares of TASK Water B.V. in Akfen Environment and Water. As a result, Akfen Holding now owns 100% of Akfen Environment and Water.

Akfen Environment and Water Projects


Güllük Municipality Drinking Water and Waste Water Concession Project

In August 2006 Akfen Environment and Water won the tender for the Güllük Municipality Water and Waste Water Concession Project located in the Aegean Region of Turkey. As per the signed concession agreement Akfen Güllük Çevre ve Su Yatırım Yapım İşletme A.Ş. (Akfen Water Güllük) operates water and waste water infrastructure of the Municipality for a term of 35 years. Akfen Water Güllük currently serves over 8,000 subscribers of Güllük town with a population of 4.000 during winter months and 20.000 during summer months.

All of the shares of Akfen Gulluk Environment and Water Investment Construction Operations Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Akfen Environment and Water, were transferred to Hzr Environment and Water Investments Inc. with all its rights and obligations on 19 April 2021.

Dilovası Organized Industrial Zone Waste Water BOT Project

Akfensu Arbiogaz Dilovası Waste Water Treatment Facilities Construction and Operation Co. (Akfen Water Dilovası) conducted its operations under the BOT Agreement on the Construction and Operation of Dilovası Organized Industrial Zone Waste Water Treatment Facilities and Main Collector Line signed on August 3, 2007 with Dilovası Organized Industrial Zone Regional Directorate. Within the framework of 29 year BOT agreement the company completed its 21,144 m3/day, Mud Drying Facility and Waste Water Collection lines investments in 2010 and started its operations on 1 July 2010. With this project Akfen Water Dilovası served over 200 factories of Dilovası Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) and habitants of Dilovası town.

Akfen Environment and Water, signed a share transfer agreement with Kocaeli Gebze Dilovası Organized Industrial Zone (DOBS) for the sale of all its %75 share at Akfensu-Arbiogaz Dilovası on December 11, 2018.  Following the fulfillment of the prerequisites the share transfer was, completed on August 1, 2019.

Solid Waste Management Services

Through combining its expertise and know-how in water and wastewater services, Akfen Environment and Water provides Solid Waste Management services tailored according to the needs of its clients.

Businesses are in need of different solutions and requirements in the field of Solid Waste Management in line with the pertaining law and regulations and their field of activity. Akfen Water provides sustainable, eco-friendly and customer satisfaction focused solutions in Solid Waste Management Systems by developing, reporting and implementing all required processes to achieve sustainable Solid Waste Management system. In this context, drafting due diligence reports according to the environmental law and related regulations, detection, reporting, identification of all hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, classification, collection, sorting, temporary storage, transportation, recycling and disposal are some of the services provided by Akfen Environment and Water.

Akfen Water signed its first solid waste services contract with İstanbul Ferries Co. (IDO). It has successfully developed a tailored Solid Waste Management System for IDO and started to implement wide range of solid waste services covering all IDO vessels, land vehicles, terminals, offices and other on-shore sites. Currently, solide waste services are also given at Isparta, Yozgat, Eskişehir and Tekirdağ City Hospitals and the Mersin International Port.

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