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1) Ensuring that the protocols and agreements to be signed by Akfen Holding and its affiliates for the actual affairs as well as for the projects are in conformity with the law. Preventing and solving legal problems which shall occur.

2) To be informed on time of the legal modifications which may affect Akfen Holding, to take the necessary measures and to prevent the company to be harmed thereto.

3) Procuring necessary legal consultancy services enabling Akfen Holding and its affiliates when needed, to have all their affairs and procedures to be in conformity with the law.

4) To direct Akfen Holding and its affiliates, if needed, for that their procedures and activities, protocols and agreements are in conformity with the law.

5) To examine tender documents as well as the financial ones, relating tender and financing projects, during the preparation and negotiation phases , so that legal process is held correctly in conformity with the profits of the relating Akfen Holding affiliate, to prepare necessary legal documents for the financing of the tender and the project, to inform relating departments concerning the process and the risks and to represent Akfen Holding or its relating affiliates for the legal negotiations.

1) In a way to have the interests of Akfen Holding to be in the most possible top- level, to ensure the realization of necessary works and creation of alternatives for the management of the funds and to protection and increase of the liquidity.

2) To be used in case of need for new projects or actual cash flow, to determine cash and noncash credit demands and to have necessary limits from the banks.

3) To procure all financing needs of Akfen Holding and its affiliates by local and foreign resources.

4) Determining application principals and procuring necessary coordination for using existing resources in an optimal way, planning daily payments as per the resources, valuating inactive funds in the best way.

1) To coordinate and consolidate budget studies on behalf of Akfen’s Board of Administrators to manage the local and foreign activities of the companies which are created under Akfen Holding as per the plan and to evaluate the resources in the best way. Managing reporting activities and to comment on the results together with the General manager of the relating company, to report to the CFO and to the Executive Board.

2) To determine potential incidents which can affect companies which are created under Akfen Holding, to manage the risks as per the risk appetite of the company.

3) In order to create a reasonable trust concerning Akfen Holding’s reaching its targets, to manage the integration of strategic and operational planning processes of the Holding’s Institutional Risk Management and to follow up this process.

4) To create institutional risk management policies and standards in order to procure a comprehension on common risk among all the companies and employees of Akfen Holding.

1) To manage the accountancy department as per the generally accepted accounting principles, tax codes and company procedures in order to prepare all financial reports in time and without any mistake.

2) To inform the companies which are under Akfen Holding about the accountancy module and ERP applications of information systems.

3) To manage the studies of accountancy employees, in order that it is in compatibility with the reporting calendar determined by the General Manager who is responsible of the Financial Affairs and relating tax legislation.

4) To be the organizer and motivator on accountancy, tax, budget and financial auditing and other financial matters.

5) To form ideas concerning the subjects requested either from group companies or companies (shareholdings) out of group, to be the addressee, to make decisions and to inform the management on opinions and proposals to form the ground of a final decision of the Board of Administrator on these subjects.

1) To create new business fields and to increase the income in actually existing business fields.

2) To manage and apply business development and marketing strategies for existing business fields.

3) To create international commercial, political and administrative relations to enable the creating of new projects proactively.

4) To manage, coordinate and share with the management the work of the business development department employees.

1) To create, manage, ameliorate and generalize studies of human resources systems and processes based on targets and ability supporting cultural and sustainable development and high performance, in order to turn Akfen Holding Human resources Management Strategies into application.

2) To prepare, apply or make apply the studies of selecting, recruiting, orienting, training, payment, performance evaluating, career planning, etc. of the necessary employees in order to have them trained and developed as per the abilities and efficiencies of all staff and to determine the job description and the teams, to recruit the best employees meeting the job description within the company.

3) To manage necessary procedures with the official institutions in conformity with the legislation covering the subjects which are within the scope of task in order to procure the personal rights of the Akfen Holding’s employees.

1) To act in the field of using the shareholding rights in conformity with the institutional management principles in order to decrease the capital cost of Akfen Holding.

2) To enable the communication between the participants of the capital market and Board of Administrators.

3) To create close relations with sector and analysts, local and foreign institutional investors in order to enable the communication with the capital market players and to decrease the capital cost.

4) To participate at organized investor meetings in Turkey and abroad in order to represent Akfen Holding.

5) To follow the evaluations on Akfen Holding strategy and performance, to evaluate the subjects on the agenda and to acquire new investors.

1) To create, apply and inspect in Akfen Holding and its affiliates Quality, Environment, and Labor Health and Security Management system.

2) To gather, arrange and analyze necessary data to ameliorate management systems.

3) To help create Akfen Holding management policies and their organizations.

4) To take part in all the processes of quality, environment, labor health and security in all the decisions and activities.

1) To create, organize reporting process and manage reporting systems necessary for preparing financial sheets of Akfen Holding in conformity with the IFRS and CMB standards, to be presented to the state offices and company management.

2) To control the financial sheets prepared by the Financing department in order to have the consolidated financial sheets of Akfen Holding and the local and foreign contributions’ financial sheets to be prepared and to direct department employees.

3) To support the creation, application and management of the company’s data process infrastructure (Caseware) of concerning the reporting.

1) To manage operational audit activities of Akfen Holding Group companies and its shareholders.

2) Creating operational auditing strategies in conformity with the general strategies of Auditing Directorate and making it applied.

3) To prepare correct, accurate, impartial and value added audit reports, by realizing auditing field studies within the scope of auditing manual and international internal audit standards, CMB and tax legislations. To follow if the findings and proposals of the auditing have been respected or not.

4) To manage internal auditing and internal control systems on behalf of the Board of Administrators, for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of the company and the processes and minimizing the risks, to increase the company’s profitability.

5) To assure that the audit reports published in the new resolutions to be taken by Akfen Holding Board of Administrators are forming the ground of the resolutions.

To enable the sustainability on software and equipment grounds of the infrastructure of the necessary information technologies for the users, servers, operators as per the needs and targets of the Akfen Holding and its affiliates.

1) To provide coordination between Akfen Holding, its affiliates and subsidiaries and state institutions and organizations.

2) To solve, in coordination with the relevant establishments’ managers, the problems occurred in state institutions and organizations.

3) To find out solutions by negotiations realized with the representatives of the state institutions and organizations to obtain necessary permissions and to solve problematical subjects.

4) To learn about the future tenders, projects and strategies of state institutions and organizations and to inform relating departments about them.